At Edgar Allen we provide a comprehensive service to the railway sector. We are able to complete repairs and servicing jobs to all types of railway mechanical and electrical parts. Our railway industry services include:

  • Electrical and Mechanical Machines - Overhaul of DC Generators and Traction motors
  • Suppliers of Electrical Consumables - Brushes, Brush Boxes, Springs, Bearings and Seals to suit Electrical Machines, Mechanical Seals, Braids for Contactors
  • Fault Finding
  • Loco Maintenance
  • Anti-Tracking Paint
  • Spares held for some classes of Loco's i.e. 08, 20, 37, 47
  • Cable Repairs and replacement cables, Busbar reconditioning

We are also suppliers to: Train Operating Companies, Preservation Societies, Loco Owners Heritage Sector and Tramways.

Please call us now on the numbers below to discuss your requirements for any of the above servi4es that we provide to the railway industry

Phone 07487 262946 or 07399 557411